Our Story

Ricardo and Anabel Ortiz have had quite the journey when it comes to establishing Tres Hermanos into what we know the Mexican restaurant to be today. From little Mexican grocery, to a fantastic, authentic Mexican eatery, Tres Hermanos has evolved over the past 13 years into Harrisburg and Mount Joy's raved about Mexican spot.

In 2004, The Ortiz's opened their first grocery store in Steelton, PA selling fresh ingredients and authentic spices. Two years later, they established a restaurant, and the grocery store and restaurant occupied the same space to create Tres Hermanos. In 2009/2010, The Ortiz's opened a second grocery store in Elizabeth Town, and also moved and expanded Tres Hermanos Grocery Store & Restaurant from Steelton to Cameron St in Harrisburg. This was a purposeful move for the Ortiz's; they are now closer to Harrisburg City and it's growing Latino population. In 2011, Tres Hermanos branched out with a new location in Mount Joy, PA.

Tres Hermanos will continue to grow and evolve, while always serving customers with pride and excellence. Customers love the cozy Mexican restaurant so much, they've created quite the online buzz about it. One customer states, "The food was amazing and the staff very friendly. We are in the area on vacation and looked up Mexican restaurants, this place had great reviews so we tried it. Very happy we did!!" - Kristi Mendenhall Hicks. Another customer exclaims, "Yummy! The fish tacos were delicious and I was impressed by their grocery selection. Will definitely be back often!" - Tessa Bower. On behalf of Tres Hermanos and the Ortiz family, thank you. Tres Hermanos is dedicated to their customers and will continue this dedication for years to come.